A wireless Selfie remote
Selfie with no arm length limitation


Free APP

"Snap remote" can be downloaded from APP store and Google Play under the license of use. Simply open the APP and you can use Snap remote to take photo or switch over the front and rear camera. Snap remote is no pairing required. And one snap remote can trigger multiple phones simultaneously.



Enjoy Selfie freely with no arm length limit now

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Snap remote

Product Delivery

You can buy Snap remote easily by pressing the button "Buy Now". It will direct you to a PayPal payment link.
Please complete the transaction and we will send the product by air post via general post office. The post charge is included.
The delivery usually takes around 3 ~ 4 weeks that subjects to different countries. Because of pandemic, the delivery will be longer than usual.

Q & A

Does Snap remote need bluetooth or wifi to connect ?
No, Snap remote is using our patented wireless communication technology. Neither bluetooth nor wifi are required.

Can one snap remote to make multi phones take photo simultaneouly ?
Yes, snap remote supports group photo taking. Different brands of phone can be used together so that one shot to make all people's cameras taking photo.

There are some mobile batteries claimed to use the APP "Snap remote". Are they an official products made by Snap remote ?
No, Snap remote is a stand alone small shutter remote. Snap remote is produced by Magcom International Limited. Those non-licensed products claimed to use the APP "Snap remote" will infringe our license of use.

The APP closed suddenly and does work even if re-installation, why ?
Snap remote APP will check the product's ID to see if it is our original product. All non-license products will not be supported. If you are using our licensed product and the problem presists, it may be due to the phone's memory messed. Please switch off the phone and power on again, the problem can be gone mostly.

Does the remote work on both iOS and android ?
Yes, it works on iOS and android. But a few android phones have a function of noise cancellation feature that will prevent the remote signal. Please disable it in your phone setting.

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